Brad and Terese re-open old wounds

Brad confronts Terese with a letter he’s received from the council demanding his shed be pulled down. Terese denies sending it – but later finds Paul sent it. Paige offers Brad the shed in the Willis house, which triggers a massive argument between him and Terese. Elsewhere, Sonya discovers the final letter of secrets, which says “I regret my marriage”. Paul hands the letter to Terese who said it didn’t come from her. It must be Brad who regrets his marriage.

Kyle tells Naomi what he told Mark, and she confronts Paul, who confirms all. Paul assures Naomi they will be fine as long as Gary sticks to his side of the bargain. Naomi secures Gary’s agreement in a prison visit but is still disgusted by Paul’s behaviour.

Mark tells Sheila he knows about Gary’s money and he’s going after Paul – but if Sheila hands in the money she has a good chance of not being prosecuted. Sheila hands in the money and Russ assures her she did the right thing. In his visit with Naomi, Gary insists he acted alone, so Mark can’t make a case against Paul.