Brad asks Matt to search for is daughter ‘off the books’. Matt is loath to do anything to further compromise his career, but realises there may be another way… hire a private investigator. Lauren puts the idea to Brad who agrees and apologises for asking Matt to put his livelihood at risk. They agree that from now on, they will work together to find her.

Although Naomi claims she’s there to ‘reconnect’ with her mother, Sheila tells Susan that Naomi had a relationship with a married man, her boss, and that she contacted the wife and dobbed in her own daughter.

Sheila later discovers Naomi’s discarded sim card, but after Naomi overreacts when she catches her mother trying to install the card, Sheila accuses Naomi of having learnt nothing from her previous disastrous liaison. Later, Sheila offers to put Naomi up until she sorts herself out, desperate to get their relationship back on track.

Patricia is worried about revealing her gambling addiction and impending court hearing to her husband, George. Chris feels helpless but Sheila urges him to just be there for Patricia when she needs him. That evening, Patricia lands on Chris’s doorstep. The meeting with George did not go well; they had a huge fight and she’s left home.