Brad clashes with Ezra’s son

Brad takes a class with Ezra Hanley’s son, Clem, but soon has him in detention when he insults Terese. When Susan finds Brad supervising Clem’s detention, Clem exploits an opportunity to present himself as the victim and claims Brad picked a fight with him. Susan instructs Brad to write up an official incident report. Later, Brad tries to talk to Clem, but he reveals Susan instructed him not to be alone with Brad as he’s lodged an official complaint.

After another night stripping cars, Tyler cooks Paige breakfast when Brennan drops home and reveals the police think Dimato’s using legitimate businesses as fronts for the chop shop. That night, Susan tells Brennan she saw the light on the garage and Paige and Tyler are alarmed when they hear a knocking on the door – “Open up! Police.”

Sonya is mortified to discover Toadie has bought her a slanket for Mother’s Day. When Toadie arrives home he realises there’s been a mix-up. His own mum, Angie, was meant to receive the slanket, which means Angie got Sonya’s present – a sexy outfit. After copping an earful from Angie over the phone, Toadie is met with a happy Sonya.