A scared Rocco demands to know what his no-good brother Johnny is doing in Summer Bay and Johnny informs him he’s here because he wants Rocco to do some business for him. But Rocco’s not interested and tells Johnny he has a new life now. But determined Johnny isn’t going to give up that easily and later turns up at the school with his gang and starts harassing the female students. As Rocco races over to get rid of them, Johnny passes him a packet of drugs to sell.

Having seen the commotion, Brad is worried and confides his fears to Sally who volunteers to take care of things. She confronts Rocco, who insists he has nothing to do with Johnny’s gang anymore. Later, when Rocco does a drug deal at the school, Brad’s suspicions are raised and he ends up confronting a defensive Rocco.

Johnny’s angry when Rocco tells him of Brad’s suspicions, and decides to threaten Brad later in the car park. Rocco hands Johnny his final instalment of drugs money and tells him it’s his last deal – he wants out of the gang. But Johnny is adamant that Rocco has no choice in the matter…

Also, nervous Ric takes Matilda on a date to a fancy restaurant and the pair end up sharing their first kiss.
* Screened on RTE, Wednesday 14th February *