Brad confronts Bruce

Brad tells Sally that Geoff and Annie’s parents left money in their will to cover the kids’ education and urges her to talk to Bruce Campbell – it’s not fair that he’s keeping his grandchildren away from school against their parents’ wishes.

Sally warns Brad to stay out of it and let the Department handle it, but frustrated Brad takes matters into his own hands, and invites Geoff and Annie to the Diner, encouraging them to return to school. However, an enraged Bruce interrupts and drags the kids away.

Undeterred, Brad heads out to the farm to confront Bruce, and ends up forcing him to let Geoff and Annie return to school. However, he doesn’t realise that he’s just forced the tension between Bruce and Geoff to boiling point.

Lucas feels guilty about lying to Tony about sinking his dingy, and worries when Matilda recognises Geoff as the guy who saw them sinking the boat. Unfortunately, Geoff tells Tony what Lucas did, leaving Tony stunned.

Belle is stunned when a furious Drew tells her the truth about Jules’s relationship with Jazz. However, with Drew having slept with Belle’s mum Amanda, she asks Drew how Jules’ crush on Jazz is any different.