Brad crosses swords with Fisher

Bruce puts pressure on the police to find who poisoned his sheep, and despite his lack of evidence, is convinced that his neighbours or Aden committed the crime. Meanwhile, Annie tries to discover if Aden poisoned the sheep, but when he cruelly taunts her, she ends up attacking him. Fisher fails to break up the fight, and it’s left up to Brad to intervene.

Fisher suggests a strong punishment for Annie but Sally sides with Brad and chooses a more lenient option. Fisher is frustrated and ends up losing his temper with Brad, accusing him of undermining his authority. Brad tells Sally he’s worried Fisher isn’t coping with the demands of the job, but Sally urges him to be patient and sympathetic with him.

In an effort to get Geoff and Annie out of the way, Bruce sends them off to the Diner for the afternoon. Once alone on the farm, Bruce embarks on his plan to deal with the sheep slaughters, but just as he loads his shotgun, he gets a wave of severe pain in his chest. He searches for his heart pills, unaware that they have rolled under the cupboard. Later, Sally arrives at the farm to discuss Annie’s truancy with Bruce, and is shocked to discover Bruce lying unconscious on the floor.

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