Brad tells Terese that on the eve of their wedding, Nick arranged a meeting between Brad and his ex-wife Beth and son, in the hope Brad would desert Terese. A furious Terese confronts her brother and he admits he was worried that Brad would hurt her. Little does Brad know that the council has offered Nick a base in Erinsborough for his cancer research.

Matt tells Lauren and Bailey the bank has confirmed they won’t reimburse the money. Wracked with guilt, Bailey withdraws his life savings and offers it to Lauren, who tells him not to blame himself. Matt tries to talk to Bailey but is interrupted by a text from the Sergeant, demanding the security briefing he’d promised. Seeing the sink full of dirty plates again, it sets him off again and he rounds on his son, smashing a plate and leaving Bailey shaken.

Amber and Daniel come up with an idea, to bring their families together and reassure them that everyone’s welcome in their love bubble. Although Matt reacts badl, Paige thinks the pair’s attempt to fix things is sweet and tells them to ignore what she said.