Brad finds the evidence

A nervous and desperate Brad creeps into Johnny’s house to find the stolen goods and robbery plans and, after a futile search, spots a manhole in the ceiling where he discovers a bag containing jewellery. But he’s almost caught when Johnny comes back, and he quickly makes his getaway.

Sally is furious when she discovers what Brad’s been up to and Morag’s not impressed either, telling him that the jewellery won’t be admissible as evidence because he got hold of it illegally. Frustrated, Brad gets the idea to tell police he found the bag in a park and immediately goes to McGrath, who sends the jewellery to forensics.

Johnny is brought in for questioning and is charged with robbing Amanda. But when the evidence mysteriously goes missing, meaning Johnny won’t be charged, Morag instantly suspects that Ash is somehow involved.

Elsewhere, Kim mopes about his decision not to let Rachel adopt baby Joe leaving Rachel puzzled about his morose mood. Later, she confides in Irene about how she feels guilty for putting Kim on the spot with the adoption idea. Irene hints that Kim may be having a change of heart and Rachel confronts Kim, asking him if they should give the adoption plan another chance. Kim agrees, and Rachel excitedly calls the DOCS.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday March 15*