Johnny demands money from Rocco and suggests he steal from Sally. Back home, Rocco has a brainwave when he overhears Alf tell Sally about a cash transfer he’s making for the caravan park accounts. Later that night, Rocco sneaks to the computer, guesses Sally’s password and transfers some cash…

The next morning at school, Rocco helps Johnny out by doing a drug deal with Greg, another student, when several police officers arrive with a warrant to do a locker search, having received a tip off that drugs have been sold in the school.

When the cops discover the drugs in Greg’s locker, panicking Rocco tracks down Johnny to tell him the bad news, but Johnny calmly tells him he’s taken care of things. Elsewhere, Greg tells police that Brad sold him the drugs – and a stunned Brad is asked to come down to the station.

Elsewhere, Dan spots Amanda lying unconscious on the floor and races inside, panicking when he realises she has no pulse. Meanwhile, Peter arrives to talk to Amanda, but is shocked to be confronted by paramedics trying to revive her. Luckily, Amanda comes round and is rushed to hospital to recover.

Peter visits Amanda and the couple confess their feelings for each other, but both decide that they can’t act on them because of Drew.

*Screened on RTE on Thursday, March 8*