Brad begins Emily’s emotional memorial service and breaks down as he scatters the ashes over the sea. Meanwhile, Sally is distracted by Emily’s request to look after Brad and Leah comments that Sally might find it difficult because she used to be attracted to Brad herself. Unfortunately, Brad overhears her comments and angrily confronts Sally, shouting that he can’t believe Sally’s been helping him, just because she has the hots for him.

He storms off, but Sally tracks him down and assures him they’re just good friends.

A proud Jack refuses to go round to Martha to save his marriage, while Alf and Sally suggest that Martha sleep on her decision to end it. But just as she’s off to bed, Jack arrives. Martha insists she doesn’t want to see him and, unaware of the seriousness of the situation, Jack grovels, ordering a huge bunch of flowers to be delivered. But it’s not enough for Martha who tells Jack they rushed into marriage and suggests a trial separation.

Kim is distracted after his post-mumps check-up, but insists to Rachel that there’s nothing to worry about. Later, Kim gets a house call from Dr Young who grimly confirms that his battle with mumps has left him infertile and nothing can be done.