Brad is furious with Tam

Brad is furious at having to convince the police that he isn’t holding Tam in his motel room against her will, and that he’s her brother – not her lover. He finally does, but it costs him a job at the Catholic school.

Meanwhile, Tam sets off to find her mum. Sally sees her walking along the road and, when she can’t convince Tam to go home, takes over teaching Brad’s class while he collects her. Brad promises Tam to try harder with her, and eventually decides to accept Sally’s offer to have Tam stay at Summer Bay House.

With her life in turmoil, after losing her mum’s inheritance and being cast adrift by Drew, Jazz turns to her estranged husband, Kevin, for support. Kevin brings his two young girls to visit in the hope of reconciling with Jazz. When Drew sees Kevin in town, he tells him Jazz has only called him over because she’s broke and desperate and Kevin tells Drew to back off.

But when Drew later learns that Jazz plans to send the young girls off to boarding school, he sees red and tells Kevin that Jazz has been sleeping around since she’s been back in the Bay. Kevin confronts Jazz, but she can’t deny it.