Brad is shocked to see Ned

The door of Room 501 opens to reveal a confused Doug – and we soon discover the young man trying to evacuate him is Brad’s estranged son, Ned – visiting at Doug’s request to achieve a family reconciliation. Brad’s emotions spill over to find his estranged son and satisfied that he has achieved the family reunion he longed for, Doug passes away.

While Karl is busy attending to survivors of the explosion, Sarah assures Susan nothing happened between them, but Susan trusts Karl and didn’t think anything had. Later Susan tells Lauren she’s worried about Sarah’s motives. And so she should be, as Sarah stars at the Kennedy house.

At the hospital, Imogen and Daniel vow to be together forever. Meanwhile, Paige stumbles across her rescuer, who is unconscious – his name unknown. She becomes fascinated by him and vows to help him as long as he needs someone by his side.

Nene goes to the hospital to “help” others – but is chased away by Paige. She finally admits to Amy she needs help, but in a reversal of roles, it’s Amy who also needs support this time.