After discovering Cassie and Henk in bed together, Rachel decides to tell Brad and Sally everything. Brad is livid when Rachel tells him the whole story and charges round to the Diner apartment. He punches Henk in his face and stomach causing Henk to fall down the stairs struggling to breathe.

Henk’s rushed to hospital where he’s found to have a fractured rib and punctured lung. He then suffers a cardiac arrest, and Rachel ends up having to resuscitate him and save his life. Henk is saved, but the full extent of his injuries are still unclear.

Meanwhile, Sally is disapproving of Cassie’s relationship with Henk, while Cassie herself is horrified to learn of Henk’s past with Rachel. Sally refuses to let Cassie visit Henk in hospital but she sneaks out anyway. Not too pleased to see her, Henk reveals the truth about how he assaulted Rachel, upsetting Cassie.

Irene, Colleen, Fisher, Dan and Leah continue to help with the final wedding preparations, but after learning about the punch-up between Brad and Henk, start to think that the wedding will be postponed. But Brad refuses to put things off and insists the wedding will go ahead as planned.

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