Brad continues holding yoga classes in order to fund the search for his lost daughter. But a conversation with Imogen makes him question whether keeping his pursuit secret from Terese is a good idea. Meanwhile, Terese, is feeling overwhelmed and turns to Imogen’s counsellor. Later, she admits to Brad that she longs for stability in their family life, which makes up Brad’s mind – his secret is going to stay a secret.

Callum confides in Bailey that he and Josie L decided to take their relationship to the next level, prompting Bailey to broach the topic with Josie M. He’s surprised to hear she’s not ready for physical stuff – after all, didn’t she and Jayden get serious?

Josie is horrified and exposes Jayden as a liar in front of his mates. Jayden blames Bailey and challenges him to a fight. Callum and Josie L, meanwhile both admit they’re not ready just yet.

Susan explains that if a big planting job doesn’t get done, she might have to replace Kyle. Georgia organises a working bee to get the work done and notices that Chris is using her as a crutch when it comes to Will. He realises she’s right and nervously asks Will out.