Brad makes a life or death decision

Terese is hurt seeing Brad and Lauren kissing in the school corridor. When she confronts them, the fire alarm sounds and Brad and Lauren hurry off to investigate. Meanwhile, Susan and Amber are in a classroom when they hear the alarm and realise they’re trapped…

As the fire spreads, Tyler asks Paige to admit she has feelings for him. Paige does, but overwhelmed by the smoke, Tyler passes out. Meanwhile, Toadie has to abandon his chair and pulls himself down the stairs and when Sheila sees him but panics and flees, saving herself.

Holed up in a classroom, Amber’s waters break and she goes into labour. When Susan gets hold of Karl, he tells her if Amber’s baby isn’t born in a hospital, she might not survive.

Terese is searching for Piper when a massive explosion rocks the corridor and lockers fall, pinning her and Lauren to the ground. Brad finds them both unconscious and after realising he can’t carry both women grabs Lauren, leaving Terese semi-conscious on the floor.