Brad sees a green four-wheel-drive car go past him, and remembers it was the same car which drove him off the road the previous week. He leaps into his car and follows the vehicle as it pulls into a driveway before creeping into the garage where Brad finds a scrape of paint on the vehicle’s bumper which matches the colour on his own car. He goes to leave when he hears voices – it’s Tom and Johnny discussing the armed robbery in Yabbie Creek.

Luckily Brad manages to get away and heads to the police station where he tells Ash everything. Ash takes Brad to visit the house but, frustratingly, the car in the garage isn’t the same one. Ash takes Johnny to the station for questioning and tells him he’ll be searching his house for evidence.

However, the police find nothing and Brad is left fuming. Later, an increasingly frustrated Brad decides to take the law into his own hands by breaking into Johnny’s house.

Elsewhere, a shocked Kim refuses to agree to Rachel’s plan to adopt baby Joe, leaving her gutted. Later, after a few words with Irene, a torn Kim arrives back home to discuss further options with Rachel, only to find that baby Joe has already been picked up by DOCS. Has Kim missed the opportunity of a lifetime?

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday March 14*