Brad proposes to Lauren… again!

Will Lauren accept Brad's proposal this time?

Brad struggles to deal with the news that Lauren kept Ned’s return from him and abandons his plan to propose again. Ned assures Brad that he has no more feelings for Lauren but it seems he might be protesting too much. When Brad proposes again – and an overjoyed Lauren accepts – we see that Ned is keeping a lock of blonde hair in his wallet.

Jack wants to show Poppy how strong she is and the community comes together to create a superhero day for her. During the event he realises that he’s doing God’s work and represses his feelings for Paige – recommitting to the church.

Xanthe offers to make Ben’s superhero costume, and is thrilled when he asks her out on a date. But fate intervenes again – Xanthe is trapped in the shed – by the snake. She’s going to miss her date with Ben, but right now, that’s the least of her troubles…