Brad, Sally and Morag return from the police station with Morag still suspicious that Ash has something to do with the missing evidence. Sally is horrified when Brad tells her he wants to confront Johnny himself, and makes him promise to stay away.

But the next morning, Brad runs into Johnny at the beach where he taunts Brad about the missing evidence and tells him he’s going to have some ‘fun’ with him and Sally. This prompts Brad to lose his temper and punch Johnny square in the jaw.

Unfortunately, Johnny goes straight to Ash who warns Brad to stay away. Meanwhile, Sally is shocked when she hears what Brad’s done, and he’s forced to beg for her forgiveness.

Suspicious Morag confronts Ash at the station about the missing evidence but he sticks to his story. Martha is furious with Morag despite Morag’s insistence that Ash is hiding something. The next morning, Martha quizzes Tony about Ash and learns he cheated on Rhianna, his high-school girlfriend, before getting her pregnant and leaving her in the lurch.

Shocked, Martha confronts Ash who explains that Rianna got rid of the baby and that they no longer speak. After a heart to heart, Ash manages to convince Martha he’s changed.

Also, Jack has an accident in his wheelchair.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday March 16*