Brad shops Ned to the police!

Piper and Tyler tell Brad about the discrepancies they’ve discovered in Ned’s story about the day of the Lassiters disaster. But when Brad can’t bring himself to accuse his son, Piper brings Terese up to speed and she convinces Brad to tell the police what they know. Meanwhile, Lauren reaches out to Ned and gets the truth – which clears him of all involvement. But it’s too late, Ned is hauled to the police station where he declares Brad is dead to him.

Paige calls Bailey, who manages to identify the guy in the picture with John – his name’s Dustin and he lives in Melbourne. They prepare to return home, ready to meet Dustin, and hoping to uncover the mystery of who John is once and for all.

Amy wrestles with Terese’s ultimatum and is touched when Paul selflessly urges her to cut him off. So she does the opposite, rejecting Terese’s proposal. She returns to Paul, explaining she still needs him in her life.