Brad tells Sally about his past

Brad explains to Sally why he was fired from his last job for possessing marijuana at school. He tells her the drugs were actually for Emily, who was in incredible pain from her cancer. Brad also gives this explanation to Jane, but she is far less understanding, and thinks Brad is using his dead wife’s illness to cover his drug habit.

With his future looking grim, Brad enlists Rachel’s help. She takes Jane through the medical evidence supporting the use of marijuana to treat cancer sufferers. Eventually, Jane agrees not to report Brad to the Department. But, in relation to the Naomi Preston matter, Jane points out that the case hinges on Brad and Naomi’s credibility.

Lucas accidentally tells Sally that Naomi slept with Tony, leaving Sally unsure whether to reveal the news to the Department in order to help Brad’s case. When Geoff learns about Lucas’ relationship with Naomi, he demands he stops tutoring Annie.

Lucas agrees, but then changes his mind. He ends up leaving her in his bedroom while he follows Naomi, and declares he still has feelings for her. But when he returns home, he’s confronted by Bruce, who’s none to pleased to discover Annie sleeping in Lucas’s bed.

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