Lauren is annoyed to hear that Brad left the Mt Isa house drawing at the uni common room overnight. Brad doesn’t understand why Lauren doesn’t just tell Matt what she’s hiding. However, when Matt discovers Brad and Lauren in an accidentally close position, he’s clearly jealous. Matt apologises for his behaviour to Lauren but now Brad understands why she kept the sketch a secret and agrees not to tell Matt about it.

When Georgia returns from her conference, Mason witnesses the affection between her and Kyle and can’t help feeling wistful about the dwindling intimacy in his relationship with Kate. Meanwhile, Kate confides in Chris – she can’t explain why she finds it so hard to open up to Mason.

The exhibition preparation provides a good distraction from her situation but Georgia’s return prompts Kyle to decide he no longer needs Kate. Kate’s disappointed – now she has nothing to distract her from her diagnosis or her problems with Mason.

Chris tells Georgia that someone uploaded her last performance on YouTube. However, the video clip’s success only reminds Mason about Robbo’s threat to release the footage of Amber. Paul also stumbles across the video of Georgia and is intrigued. He offers Georgia a regular gig at Charlie’s but only if she drops Karl.