Bradley gets his promotion at work and celebrates in the Vic with Stacey, but Stacey is appalled when he lets slip that he stabbed his colleague Julie in the back to win the place over her. Stacey tells Bradley that he’s worse than his dad and Bradley’s left speechless as she storms off.

Shirley warns Sean to stay away from Carly but her words only encourage him further and he takes Chelsea to bed, but dumps her straight after. A hurt Chelsea tells Kevin about Carly’s dalliance with Sean and Kevin is furious with Carly for her bad behaviour. He tells her to take some time out from the house and move in with Dawn. Carly realises that Shirley’s interference has caused all the trouble and warns her to stop messing in her life.

Dot keeps her promise to Jim and prepares to scatter Pauline’s ashes. Ian suggests that Pauline may like her final resting place to be at the seaside in Southend. Dot prepares to leave for Southend, but changes her mind and instead scatters Pauline’s ashes on Arthur’s grave. Jim prepares a romantic meal for Dot and he’s pleased that she’s finally moved on.

Also, Rob visits May and they kiss again.

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