Stacey’s heart skips a beat when she receives a package from Spain, but it’s another kick in the guts from Max, who has returned her present of a business card holder without a note. Bradley finds Stacey and she quickly hides the card holder before he can ask any questions. Bradely blurts out that he’s still in love with her, but a sad Stacey tells Bradley that he deserves better than her.

Rob and Dawn have decided to move to Rob’s parents to have the baby and make a fresh start. Keith and Mickey are sad to see Dawn go, but they respect her decision and Dawn has a tear in her eye at her farewell party at the Vic. The couple arrive at Rob’s parents’ house, but Dawn is in for shock.

Deano has moved back in with Kevin, and Kevin goes to Shirley’s to collect his belongings. But Kevin is forced to play the hero when he walks into the flat to find Erek threatening Shirley. Kevin sees Erek off and Shirley thanks Kevin for helping her out. Shirley asks Kevin if he can have a word with Deano for her, but Kevin refuses.

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