Bradley is edgy after his confrontation with Callum, but he asks Stacey to renew their wedding vows. Bradley asks Max why he gave Callum a cheque and is suspicious that Max is not telling him everything when Max insists it was only to protect him. Bradley becomes even more worried when he realises that Stacey has been lying to him and continuing to take her contraceptives.

Bradley confronts Stacey and she confesses that she doesn’t want a child and doesn’t love him the way a wife should love her husband. Bradley admits defeat and hints that she should follow her heart. Stacey leaves a devastated Bradley and tells Callum that her marriage is over. Meanwhile, an angry Bradley confronts Max and knocks him to the floor for ruining his life yet again…

Ronnie confesses to Christian that the father of the baby she gave away may be at the reunion and she doesn’t know if she can face him. Christian thinks it would be good for Ronnie to go. Ronnie and Christian go to the reunion, but Ronnie’s ex, Joel, isn’t there. Christian is chatted up by Joel’s best friend, Lee.

Also, Dot realises that Patrick doesn’t want to move to Birmingham.

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