Bradley is disappointed when he prepares breakfast in bed, but Stacey is keen to get out on the stall. Bradley quizzes Kevin about how to keep the romance going in a marriage and he concludes that he needs to spend more time with Stacey. Bradley gets a job as the new assistant market inspector. That evening, Bradley is mortified when he greets Stacey in nothing, but a champagne bottle covering his modesty to discover that Jean is at Stacey’s side!

Billy is horrified when he wakes to discover that he’s late opening up Ian’s stall. Billy tells Honey that he’s got a second job in ‘distribution’ and hopes that they can start flat hunting as soon as possible. But the couple are stunned when they find out that their benefits are being cut and they wonder how they will survive. Later, Billy gets into a car with a mystery woman. What is he up to?

Phil brings a flash motor to the car lot and Kevin is impressed, but Darren immediately smells a rat. Darren tells Phil that he knows the cars are stolen and he demands some cash to keep quiet. Phil is irritated but impressed by Darren’s enterprising nature.

Also, a furious Steven accuses Ian of trashing his stall.

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