Bradley gets two dates

Bradley gets locked out of the house in nothing but a towel and Stacey thinks it’s hilarious. Stacey is about to rescue him when Clare returns and lets him back in the house. Clare tells an embarrassed Bradley that she wants a dinner invite for helping him. Bradley turns up late for his work launch at R&R, but he’s surprised when Maggie invites him for lunch rather than telling him off.

Chelsea is tired and strung out and she makes several mistakes at the salon and Tanya is furious with her. Chelsea steals a 100 quid from the Booty till and tries to score more cocaine from Bradley’s workmate Piers, but she’s disgusted when he wants sexual favours instead of cash. Chelsea stomps off to find another dealer but gets robbed of her cash by a group of teenage girls.

Tanya turns down a persistent Jack when he invites her back to his flat. But later she can’t resist temptation and she sneaks out to see him. Tanya moves in to give Jack a passionate kiss, but their naughty afternoon is abruptly cut short when Jack’s back seizes up!

Also, the Millers have got five numbers in the weekend lottery, but Keith realises he’s lost the ticket.

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