Bradley gets wise to Clare

Bradley finds his name circled with pound signs in Clare’s discarded ‘little black book’ and realises that as well as lying to him about Nigel, she lead him on over her ex, Arnold. Clare organises a barbecue and she asks Bradley for some money. Stacey notices when he is sharp with her and he shows Stacey the little black book. Stacey confronts Clare and she is mortified.

Max and Jack have another stand off. Lauren can’t cope with the recent turn of events and plots to run away with Peter. Lauren has second thoughts and confronts Tanya instead about their family falling apart. Tanya realises the family need to resolve their differences and she asks Max to meet her and Jack for lunch. Max agrees then makes a phone call inviting a mystery person to the lunch.

Masood struggles to prepare the catering for Ian’s event, but Zainab refuses to help out. Masood is stunned when a loan shark comes knocking and Zainab confesses about her debts. Zainab rethinks her refusal to help Masood and takes a look at the recipes.

Also, Christian decides to get tough with Lucy when she gets drunk at Clare’s party; Darren wants to grow a beard!

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