Bradley has a makeover

Bradley thinks that his boring banker’s image may be turning Stacey off and he tries to look more trendy by spiking his hair up with tons of gel. Stacey isn’t impressed and when Roxy sees him she points out that he could do with a proper makeover. Stacey is won over by Bradley’s efforts to please her when he turns up in trendy new clothes and a fake tattoo with her name on and she finally takes him to bed.

Peggy is horrified when she discovers a glass of whiskey and she suspects that Phil is back on the booze. Peggy confronts Phil, but he insists that he resisted the temptation. But when a brooding Phil gets himself into a fight Peggy is furious and she slaps him and tells him to sort himself out.

Pat is shocked when she discovers that Bert has left Walford without saying goodbye. With another of her friends gone, she takes solace in the fact that she still has her family at home. But she’s upset to discover that Kevin and Denise are thinking of buying their own home.

Also, Lucy plays up and Ian finds her a job to keep her out of trouble.

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