Max tells Bradley and Stacey that he’s going to rent the car lot from Roxy and he proposes a toast to the new business – Branning and Son. Bradley plans a surprise for Stacey, but he’s interrupted by Becca, who doesn’t want to sleep in the lounge alone. Bradley offers to take the sofa and let Becca share with Stacey. Left alone, Bradley brings out a ring box and broods over it.

Pat has had a heart attack after her run-in with Janine and is rushed to hospital. Bianca demands to know what Janine said to Pat, but Janine refuses to tell her. Janine and Ricky have a heart-to-heart about Pat. Ricky is shocked when Janine claims that Pat was planning to emigrate to New Zealand. Janine reveals she and Pat were arguing about Ian and lets slip that she knows Ian didn’t kill Archie.

Masood asks Christian to help him put up Syed and Amira’s bed as they’re back from honeymoon soon. Masood asks Christian to come back to Masala Queen, but Christian refuses. Christian arranges to go clubbing with Chelsea to take his mind off Syed.

Also, Peggy offers to arrange Archie’s funeral; Ronnie tells Roxy that they have a brother.