Bradley is relieved when Stacey tells him that her night with Deano was a big mistake and he asks her out to the cinema. Stacey declines, but Bradley is not to be put off and he turns up at her house that evening with some chips. Stacey agrees to sit out on the bench and share them and the former sweethearts reminisce about the past. Stacey admits that Bradley broke her heart when he dumped her. Bradley moves in for a kiss, but a flustered Stacey runs off.

Rob receives a caution for assaulting May, but he’s filled with guilt about hitting her and he visits his estranged wife to apologise. May reveals that the decree nisi has come through and there’s a charged moment between them. May kisses Rob, who is tempted, but he pulls away.

Jim is exasperated when Dot brings Pauline’s ashes home from the launderette and he implores Pauline to let him have Dot to himself at long last! Dot promises to scatter Pauline’s ashes but Jim worries she’s stalling and threatens to do it himself.

Also, Peggy panics there may be fleas at the Vic and tells Phil they need to redecorate.

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