Bradley lies to his new girl

Bradley asks Syd on a date, but he confesses to Max that he’s been sacked from his job. Max advises Bradley to lie to Syd. Bradley meets Syd for a drink and when she seems impressed by his job, he takes Max’s advice and lets her believe that he’s still working. Syd suggests that Bradley take her out on another date and Bradley wonders how he’s going to pay for it.

Janine buys a flashy sports car to sell on the lot, but she’s irritated when she’s lumbered with babysitting Tiffany while Ricky and Bianca go to a parents’ evening at the school. Janine is impressed when a rich-looking guy called Rupert turns up to look at the car. Rupert confesses that he’s a single dad and when he assumes that Tiffany is her daughter she goes along with the lie and organises a play date with the kids.

Patrick agrees to meet up with Tommy again and Tommy feigns interest as Patrick recounts tales of his youth. When Patrick leaves, Tommy’s face drops and it’s clear that he’s not really interested in writing about Patrick’s youth in London…

Also, Ian sneakily makes adjustments to Jane and Zainab’s estimate for Peggy’s wedding reception.

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