Bradly tells Max his shocking secret… he lies to Max and the Slaters that he slept with Stacey behind Syd’s back and Stacey’s baby is his. Bradley goes for a job interview at the local supermarket and is surprised when he sees his dad is also there for an interview.

Billy meets solicitor Emma West outside the Vic before the will reading. Emma drops the paperwork and they hurriedly gather it up. Peggy is nervous when she learns that Glenda could contest Archie’s will. Janine joins the Mitchells, confident that she will inherit the Vic.

Phil has been left his dad’s boxing trophy, Amy gets 100,000 pounds in trust, while Peggy is left a wedding photo. Roxy is left an antique fountain pen and Ronnie a signet ring. Billy gets to the last page…

Jane insinuates that Ian killed Archie but Ian insists that he isn’t a killer. Ian realises that having the laptop makes him look guilty and he throws it into the canal. Ian lays on a romantic lunch for Jane and begs her to forgive him.

Also, Bianca adds her mum Carol to the list of wedding guests at Ricky’s insistence but later secretly crosses it off.

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