Bradley confesses to Max that he’s been trying to propose to Stacey, but Becca is always in the way. Stacey worries about what Becca may have said to Bradley and reassures Bradley that Becca doesn’t know their secret. Stacey is delighted when Bradley proposes. Max organises a champagne celebration with the family. Stacey takes Becca aside and begs her not to tell anyone what she told her about Christmas, Archie and the baby…

Ricky blames Janine for Pat’s condition as Pat is rushed into surgery. Janine prays for Pat in the hospital chapel and is interrupted by Ricky. Janine claims she has promised God she’ll care for Pat if she pulls through. Pat has a pacemaker fitted and makes it through surgery. Ricky tells Pat about Janine’s promise and Janine assures Pat that she meant it.

Phil walks in on Roxy and Ronnie with Danny and demands to know who he is. Ronnie and Roxy tell Phil that Danny is their brother, but Phil thinks they should get proof and asks Danny for ID. Glenda turns up at the Vic and claims that she didn’t want Danny to show up there. Danny wants to stay in Walford for a few days, but Glenda says no.