Bradley confesses to Stacey that he and Syd are moving to Canada. Lucy locks the door and slips out and Syd has to retrieve the key from her. Stacey tells Bradley she’s bipolar and he reveals that making her get rid of their baby is the biggest regret of his life. Later, Bradley tells Syd that he doesn’t want to leave Walford, but denies it has anything to do with Stacey.

Lucas tries to get rid of the police when they want to question Jordan about the dead body. Jordan tells the police that he didn’t recognise the body. Trina’s phone is found next to the body and DC Cunningham asks Lucas when he last saw her. Lucas calls Trina’s phone and leaves a message, knowing full well it’s at the police station.

Peggy wants Ricky to throw antifreeze on Archie’s car; when Bianca stops him, she grabs the bottle and splashes Ricky. Peggy asks Ronnie to lend her the money from the club sale for Sam’s bail, but Joel advises her against it. Ricky wants revenge on Archie for grassing up Sam, but Whitney claims that she’s the grass.

Also, Syed confesses to Christian that he needed time apart; Lauren is devastated when a rumour goes round that she has slept with Peter.

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