Max phones Bradley and he’s delighted when Bradley turns up at the hospital. But he comes down to earth with a bump when Bradley confesses that he didn’t want Max to ever wake up. Bradley walks out, but has a change of heart and returns to Max’s bedside. Max is horrified when Bradley tells him that Tanya has confessed to driving the car that knocked him over.

Christian puts together a cot for Amy and is angry when Linda is doubtful that he can handle being a ‘dad’. Christian is left heartbroken when Roxy tells him that she’s back with Sean and he calls up one of his flings, Sebastian, to cheer himself up. Linda is unimpressed when she catches them in a clinch.

Shirley warns Vinnie about making up stories after the disaster with Daphne and she is exasperated when he tells her that he’s leaving Walford to be a rally driver. Shirley has her Booty raffle prize massage with Suzy, who leaves her in pain and streaked with fake tan! Shirley attacks Suzy and Phil pulls her off and Shirley is touched when Vinnie steps in to defend her.

Also, Whitney is angry when Tony pays attention to Lauren; Bianca meets with a mystery man.

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