Bradley lies to Syd so he can go and pick up Stacey from the psychiatric unit. Stacey is stunned when Bradley arrives, but she agrees to return home for a day visit. Back in the Square, Jean leaves Bradley and Stacey alone. Stacey apologises to Bradley for her behaviour and they share a moment. Later, Bradley tells Stacey that he can’t go back to Canada because he loves her.

Whitney goes to court for Tony’s trial. Whitney’s video evidence is played to the court and Tony is dismissive. Ryan is furious and attacks the glass screen protecting Tony. Whitney enters the courtroom and Tony pleadingly calls out her name. Whitney cries out that she loves Tony and claims she lied about her accusations.

Ian wakes up in Janine‘s bed and leaves some money for her in payment. Janine returns the money and encourages Ian to ring Jane and win her back. Janine plays Archie a recording of her and Ian getting passionate and hints they use it for blackmail. Janine is wearing Archie’s diamond ring and she tells him that she’ll marry him.

Also, Bianca tells Tiffany that Ricky is her father; Tanya’s stunned when the bailiffs remove goods from their house.

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