Bradley Walsh: When Dummies Took Over the World – ITV

The Chase presenter and Doctor Who star tells the story of Britain's most famous puppet stars, including Orville, Emu, Sooty, Lord Charles, Dicky Mint, Spit the Dog and Nookie Bear in When Dummies Took Over the World

Once upon a time, long ago, a man (and it usually was a man) with his hand up a glove puppet or working a ventriloquist dummy, could command the heights of Saturday night primetime.

Bradley Walsh asks ‘what happened?’ in this fond reminder of gentler times, when Ray Allen and Lord Charles, or Rod Hull and the perhaps not-quite-so-gentle Emu ruled the roost.

Bradley Walsh: When Dummies Took Over the World

Richard: ‘What’s that Sooty?’

A lovely show, and it’s great to see the likes 
of Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog on our screens again, along with Roger De Courcey and Nookie Bear (pictured, top), plus Richard Cadell (above with Sooty), who currently works hand in glove with legends Sooty and Sweep.

TV Times rating: ****