Dad and lad team 
Bradley and Barney Walsh get set for an American road trip

We’ve seen father and son duo Larry and George Lamb get on their bikes for a Channel 5 travelogue adventure – now actor and presenter Bradley Walsh (58 years old and stuck in his ways) is forced to go on a 2,000-mile road trip from LA to New Orleans by his 20-year-old
son, Barney.

Bradley Walsh: Breaking Dad

Bradley and his son Barney at the spiritual home of LA fitness – Muscle Beach

And though Bradley 
is playing up a bit for the cameras, he is clearly a man who likes his R&R (as would you, if you were working as much as he is!).

But Barney 
is having none of it. Even the vehicle he’s sorted for their trip – a 36ft RV – is
hard work.

First up, they’re off to Venice Beach, where Bradley fancies 
a frozen margarita and a sit in the sun. No chance!

TV Times rating: ****