Bradley has food for thought after his afternoon with Stacey and he’s less than enthusiastic when Lydia turns up on Valentine’s Day. Bradley feels forced into taking Lydia out for a meal at Fargo’s but he realises he can’t lead her on any longer and tells her that they should have a break. Bradley can’t hold back his feelings for Stacey and rushes round to the Slaters and shouts up at Stacey’s bedroom window that he’s still in love with her. A panicked Stacey shouts out that it’s too late, then turns to Max, who is in the bedroom behind her…

Chelsea worries about Denise’s state of mind on Valentine’s Day with Kevin still missing, and she and Pat plot to keep Denise busy. Chelsea talks Denise into having a makeover, hoping that she’ll be able to convince her to go out to the pub. Denise realises what Chelsea is up to and she defiantly tells her that she hasn’t lost hope – she knows that Kevin will be back.

Abi wonders why Max and Tanya don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and it gets Tanya thinking. Tanya books a surprise meal for Max and talks Dot into babysitting the girls. Tanya looks forward to the evening but she’s left disappointed when she gets an answerphone message from Max, who says he’s been held up at work.

Also, Ben gives Phil the silent treatment; Jay disturbs Patrick and Yolande’s romantic night in.

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