Bradley’s mum takes over!

Rachel turns up in Albert Square and immediately sets about delegating tasks for the wedding. Mo is put out by Rachel’s bossy demands, as is Max and the rest of the family. Tanya is doubly fed up with Rachel’s presence when Rachel makes jibes about her weight. Stacey is also unimpressed by Rachel’s presence and she’s taken aback when Rachel warns her to watch herself around Max!

Denise tries to keep everyone calm in the wake of Minty’s collapse in the post office. Minty thinks the end is nigh and starts to recite his will! Minty is loaded into the ambulance and a frightened Hazel accompanies him and assures him that she loves him the way he is. Meanwhile, Zainab offers Denise her job back at the post office after hearing about how she helped out Shabnam.

Ronnie and Roxy are stunned to learn of Peggy’s debts. Peggy sadly tells her that the family’s reputation won’t get her out of trouble this time. When the bailiffs turn up, Roxy sees them off. Peggy is grateful but knows her problems are far from over.

Also, Kevin takes on Darren in the wake of Carly’s departure from the car lot.

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