Stacey feels guilty when Danielle confronts her about her contraceptive pills and Danielle tells her that she should tell Bradley she doesn’t want a baby. Bradley realises that Stacey has something on her mind and Stacey is about to confess, but she is stopped in her tracks when Bradley gets an allergic reaction to some walnut cake and has to go to hospital.

Peter is cagey with his family about how he got a black eye. Tony apologises to Peter, but Lucy sees them talking and is suspicious. Lucy confronts Tony in front of Bianca and Tony is forced to confess. Whitney begs Lucy not to go to the police, saying she and the kids could end up in care. Tony tells an upset Whitney that it’s over between them.

Denise gets the number of a handsome Booty customer Kwame to get the better of Lucas, who is teasing her. Lucas cheekily tells Denise that he’ll rescue her if she needs it and she’s glad to escape a boring Kwame after a timely intervention from Lucas. As Lucas walks Denise home, it seems that their former feelings for each other have been stirred.

Also, Heather puts Yolande’s future in jeopardy when she puts her foot in it with Alistair.