Branson’s back at the abbey!

A newly-returned Branson sets about working on the estate with Mary, but he’s also thinking about the future.

Violet invites Lady Shackleton to stay and demands that she support her over the hospital, but her old friend feels stuck in the middle. However, Lady Shackleton is also accompanied by her nephew who turns out to be Henry Talbot and the motor racing driver quickly resumes his flirtation with Mary.

Rosamund visits Downton to meet with the treasurer of an organisation of which she is a trustee. His wife turns out to be former housemaid Gwen and Thomas schemes to reveal her identity to the Crawleys.

Sergeant Willis asks Baxter to testify in court against the man who made her steal jewels many years before and she reluctantly agrees.

Anna fears she is having another miscarriage so Mary whisks her to the doctor in London who performs a procedure and saves the baby, and Anna tells a delighted Bates her happy news.

Meanwhile, Daisy is just about to risk her job and confront Cora over Mr Mason when Robert reveals that he can have the farm on the estate and the Carsons return from honeymoon and decide that the housekeeper should be called Mrs Hughes at the Abbey, to avoid confusion.