Brave Bianca cracks

Bianca is struggling with nightmares of her attack at the B&S ball. She’s putting on a brave face, but her schoolwork is piling up and April and Irene are concerned that she isn’t coping. Bianca doesn’t like everyone walking on eggshells around her and has a go at Liam. That night, she wakes up screaming from another nightmare. She isn’t coping with what happened to her at all.

Liam wants to get his life back to normal, starting by getting a job. But when he asks Gina for some tutoring work, she quickly rejects him because of his history with drugs. And after arguing with Bianca, he doesn’t know what to do in life or in love.

Xavier and Kelly are happy being young and in love, but when Kelly suggests that her brother Dean should come and stay with them, Xavier isn’t keen. He doesn’t trust Dean, but John and Gina think he should give Dean another chance.

Miles knows that Marilyn is going to press on with her predictions for a relationship with Elijah and decides to tell him. Elijah tells Marilyn that nothing is going to happen between them, and they are just good friends, but Marilyn still thinks things are going to be more romantic.