Brax agrees to Casey’s prison visit

Sasha gets Casey to speak to Natalie about his feelings for his father and after their chat Casey realises he needs to see his dad himself. Brax is furious but after confronting Natalie, he understands that Casey will probably visit the jail anyway so agrees to take him. The visit goes ahead and Brax is disconcerted to see Danny and Casey get on well. He’s even more upset when Heath and Casey insist they’re going to push ahead with trying to get their father out of jail.

When Roo finds Mel sleeping in her car she realises Lottie’s been alone all night. Later, Mel freezes when treating Bianca’s baby and Heath insists Sid take over as their doctor. Later, Mel attacks Roo and Harvey for meddling but when she returns home, Harvey is there to tell her Lottie has run away from home.

Liam learns that Bianca’s in a coma and Hayley realises that he still has feelings for his wife, suggesting they need a fresh start in the city. Liam tries to visit Bianca at the hospital but backs off when he discovers Heath is there, too.

Meanwhile, Heath instructs Hayley to do whatever it takes to get his father out of prison but she doesn’t want money – she wants drugs in return for her services.