Brax and Casey share Heath’s happiness

Brax and Casey support their brother at the hospital and Heath is overjoyed to be a father again. April, however, hasn’t forgiven him for telling Sid to save the baby over Bianca until her sister explains she’d asked him to do it. Heath finally convinces the medical team to allow Bianca to see her baby but as she touches him for the first time, the new mother goes into seizure once again.

Meanwhile, Casey realises his brothers are involved in something to do with their father but they won’t tell him what. He ransacks the house looking for something that may give him a clue and eventually finds the letter that explains Danny may be able to get out early. He confronts Brax but big brother wants him to have nothing to do with it…

Dex avoids Lottie and tells her he’s too busy to see her but Lottie sees through his lies and makes him confess to his feelings for April. Broken-hearted at being dumped, Lottie wants to talk to her mum but Mel, who’s just been told by Harvey that their house has to be sold, has no time for her and sends her packing. A distraught Lottie turns up at Roo’s in tears begging to let her live with them.