Charlie is tormented by her jealousy over Brax and Hayley’s blossoming romance. To take her mind off things she agrees to go on a date with the victim of the armed robbery she’s investigating. But try as she might, Charlie can’t get Brax out of her head. Things are further complicated when forensics link Brax to the crime scene! Constable Watson tells Charlie that they think he was the driver of the getaway car.

Miles moves back to the caravan park. He feels miserable and wonders whether he’s made the right decision. Meanwhile, Leah struggles to explain to VJ why Miles has left their home. After a couple of beers, Miles decides to call Leah. He leaves a heartfelt message on her machine while Leah listens, crying.

Romeo tries desperately to get in touch with Liam, who’s the only witness to Harvey’s petrol sabotage of the Blaxland. Alf is about to sign the boat over to Harvey and Romeo gives him an ultimatum – it’s him or Harvey. Alf doesn’t take kindly to Romeo’s abruptness and says he chooses Harvey.