Brax and Natalie search the desert for Casey

Brax reaches the point of despair while searching the outback for Casey, but Natalie urges him to follow his instincts and think about the stories his father told him when he was a boy. Brax remembers a reference to a particular tree and heads off in search of it.

Kyle drives off leaving Casey to die alone in the desert, but comes across Brax and Natalie, who ask him for directions to the tree. He sends them in the wrong direction, but Natalie suddenly remembers she’s seen Kyle before – at Danny’s caravan!

It seems Casey’s time has come, but a mysterious girl shows up and tries to help him. Unfortunately, Kyle returns and captures them both, but Casey manages to escape and, though Kyle catches up with him, the girl sends a makeshift petrol bomb his way, the explosion of which is spotted by Brax and Natalie.

Tamara takes Kyle’s gun and prepares to shoot him, but Casey manages to stop her before collapsing. Kyle makes off, as does the girl, just as Brax arrives on the scene. But is Casey still alive?

Meanwhile, Liam tells Indi that he believes Romeo is taking steroids, something that Romeo admits to when he comes into Angelo’s later. He believes he’s addicted and asks for her help, but Indi says she can’t help him – he needs professional help.