Brax and Natalie try to get through to Casey

Brax tells Casey that he and Natalie are no longer seeing each other but Casey realises it’s just to accommodate him and he insists they focus on each other instead, telling Natalie that Brax will need her in the future. He also informs Gina of his intention to leave school and she tells Brax she’s worried he may have plans to hurt himself. Brax confronts his brother but Casey denies that’s what he has in mind. Sasha also tries to get through to him but Casey tells her he knows he’s going to jail and he’s just preparing himself for that inevitability.

Gina’s still moping about and John plans to cheer her up with a special lunch and one of Marilyn’s pampering gifts. Meanwhile, Richard and Jett suddenly arrive at the house and Gina is overjoyed to hear that Jett wants to come and live with her again. John returns home annoyed that Gina didn’t turn up for lunch but is surprised and elated to learn that Jett’s back for good.

And Leah realises that Natalie’s relationship with Brax would be a chance for him to be happy again and tries to get over her jealousy, telling Natalie to go for it.