Brax and Ricky look to their future

Brax and Ricky try to enjoy their getaway and Brax asks Ricky to move in with him, but she refuses and their romantic getaway is ruined. Ricky dumps Brax back home, which is witnessed by a bemused Natalie. Natalie asks Brax how he got past Ricky’s betrayal and he tells her that he loves Ricky. Later, Ricky tells Brax that the only thing keeping her together is the knowledge Brax loves her, and moving in could jeopardise that. She understands that Casey can’t accept her living in the same house and she finally agrees to move in.

April’s had an anaphylactic reaction to the anti-venom and Dex is guilt-stricken. Sid admits that when Dex came in after his accident and went into cardiac arrest, he froze, and wasted precious seconds. But he did the best he could under difficult circumstances, just like Dex has done with April. April finally wakes up and reveals she’s proud of Dex.

Natalie decides she might go track down her mother. Meanwhile, Zac arrives home to find Holly in the house, and demands she leave. Holly reluctantly leaves, warning that Zac should have been nicer to her. The next day, Zac opens the door to a police officer, who’s had an anonymous tip-off and finds drugs in the bathroom.