Brax begs Ricky to forgive him

Ricky’s stunned when she sees Brax standing in the living room. Brax tries his best to explain and defend his actions, but his words don’t wash with Ricky, who tells him that she should have known about his secret.

Ricky storms off and when Brax finds her she reveals she was relieved when she found out he was dead. Devastated, Brax tries to defend himself but as the pair go round in circles, Ricky finally reveals she is engaged to Nate. As Brax digests the news, he leans in for a kiss, but is left red-faced when Ricky walks away.

Not wanting to give up, Brax asks her to get Casey and go on the run with him. Ricky is left stunned and tells him it’s too late – their relationship is over. Finally, the penny drops but Brax has one last request – to see Casey. Ricky agrees and tells him to come back tomorrow.

When Brax leaves, Ricky sobs and Brax sits on the beach looking at a picture of happier times…